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4 Best Day trips and Excursions in Rome To Florence


The birthplace of the Renaissance as well as the capital city of the Italian area of Tuscany, Florence is a spectacular but also utterly irresistible center of medieval European trade and finance. It’s probably the wealthiest city of that era and also picked out as “the Athens of the Middle Ages”. The Historic Center of Florence was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982. It possesses a treasure of medieval chapels, palaces, world-class art museums and galleries, like the Uffizi Gallery and the Palazzo Pitti, great churches, and amazing monuments and architecture. Italy is famous for its fashion and Florence is positioned in the leading 15 fashion capitals of the world because the fashion business was produced and bred there. In the 1920’s, homegrown designers Guccio Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo opened the first haute-couture boutiques. Below we mention 4 Best Day trips and Excursions in Rome To Florence, so you can spend every day without worrying about what to do next.

  • From Rome to Florence by Tour

When in Florence, you will have an opportunity to observe lots of masterpieces of the Renaissance, like the Accademia Gallery, in which Michelangelo’s popular David sculpture is housed. The guide of yours might help you move on a walking tour of the community, where you will get an opportunity to take a look at the Florence Duomo and also Giotto’s Bell Tower. After a break to get lunch at a restaurant near Piazza della Signoria, you will continue to Basilica di Santa Croce to see Michelangelo’s tomb.

  • From Rome to Florence by Train

These modern-day trains travel between Florence and Rome at a velocity of nearly 300 kilometers per hour and get aproximately ninety minutes to reach their destination. The Frecciarossa trains are built with air-conditioned automobiles, electrical outlets, Wi-Fi and a cafe car. It is also easy to purchase snacks and drinks originating from a food cart without having to leave the seat of yours. If price is a concern, you will also find more affordable regional trains available on this particular path though they take a lot longer and usually need no less than one change in the process, while high speed trains are direct.

  • From Rome to Florence by bus

Buses would be the lowest form of transportation between Florence and Rome and essentially the most convenient one, as you will find twenty-two buses every day which make the journey from one city to the other person. Buses depart from either Roma Tiburtina or maybe Roma Anagnina bus stations and reach both the Firenze Via Santa Caterina da Siena or maybe the Firenze A1 bus station. The path is able to take between 3.5 to 5 hours, depending on where buses you want and in case they make stops in the process.

  • From Rome to Florence by Plane

Even though the flight from Rome to Florence is just fifty-five minutes in length, getting to the airport takes a 30-minute ride on the Leonardo Express train. The train departs from the major train station in Rome, every 30 minutes, Termini. If you add to the time frame to check in for security, it’d really be quicker to carry a train between the towns, so remember that when viewing options.

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