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A Look at the Oppo F17 Pro Design

If you are looking for a stylish phone that has all the cutting edge features with the utmost user-friendly interface, then you would be happy to know that Oppo smartphones are here to assist. With their new series of smartphones, the Oppo F17 Pro, you will surely not regret your decision. This is their top smartphone in the market currently and it is also coming up with great marketing and promotion. With its unique blend of unique features and advanced technology, it will surely be a hit in the market.

With the Oppo F 17 Pro, the dream of owning an amazing smartphone has become reality. With an amazing feature rich design coupled with an all new user-friendly interface and unmatched functionality, the Oppo F 17 Pro is sure to capture your attention. It is loaded with high end features such as: unbelievably fast application start-up, brilliant camera experience, beautiful wallpaper and excellent picture quality, long battery life, a large memory space, and a high definition screen that can truly make your eyes go wild. Its futuristic metallic white colour options are so vivid and captivating that they can make your imagination fly high. Apart from these, it also comes with:

The Oppo F 17 Pro comes with a powerful chipset. With the octa-core MSM Parser, this smartphone has the power to perform when it comes to media entertainment. The chipset is paired with a powerful camera with digital zoom, optical image stabilization, a dual LED flash, and low Blue Light Recording Technology, which allow the phone to have a night time functional mode even in total darkness. It is also loaded with a fantastic 3D camera lens, the OPEID lens, for great image clarity. This is one impressive handset from Oppo that will surely capture your imagination and keep you hooked to the internet.

The Oppo F 17 Pro has four image processing engines namely, Sony IMXperia S camera sensor, MTN Eazy Eye camera lens, the HiSilence camera lens, and the OPEID sound chip. The Sony IMXperia S camera sensor is a pretty powerful imaging unit with a few powerful image processing capabilities. It works great with the Oppo Ease pro, which allows users to enjoy their pictures with superior clarity and speed. The MTN Eazy Eye camera lens is a pretty handy addition that enables users to take higher resolution images with a clearer subject. With the HiSilence sound chip, users are ensured of top notch quality sound output.

The Oppo F 17 Pro comes with a microSD slot and offers support for other popular memory cards like the SanDisk and the WD Mybook Pro. The device also features the well manufactured SanDisk Extreme Pro+ slot, which can handle the massive data files like movies and music. This handset even features a FireWire interface, so connecting it to other devices including your laptop or your gaming console can be a breeze. The only thing that this device cannot boast of is the amazing dual camera feature which works great in conjunction with the Sony Image Sensor and the microSD.

oppo f17 pro The microSD slot of the Oppo F 17 Pro is an exciting one, as this will allow you to add more memory to the device and expand the number of photos that you can take with it. The dual camera option of this gadget works in conjunction with the OPEID sound chip, and this is the main reason why this handset flies off the shelves with a huge bang. The Oppo F 17 Pro might not have the high end camera of some other handsets, but it does have some impressive features that make it stand out from the crowd. If you are thinking of buying this device, then you can do so from online stores that offer discounted prices on this amazing handset.

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