Avoid Irritating of Lungs and Throat with Water Bongs

10 Ways To Reduce The Health Risks Of Smoking Pot

There are many theories about using sizzling water in a bong and why it’s so amazing. Aside from the nice compounds of weed, such as terpenes and cannabinoids, smoking produces tar and ash, which are not the best substances to inhale. As for smoking weed with a bong, the water retains the flavour and high quality of your bud, while stopping the dangerous substances from moving into your lungs. To sum up, smoking weed with a bong is way healthier for you whereas offering you an identical, if not better, high. Glass bongs are the most trendy bong material among PRO and beginner smokers.

Vapingis changing into extremely popular these days for its odorless characteristics and for the truth that it gives you more therapeutic advantages than smoking it from a joint. A 2020 study revealed that cannabis smoke has 110 compounds with potentially toxic properties, out of which 69 are also found in tobacco smoke. Consequently, people are wondering whether smoking weed can be a cause of lung cancer. The seasoned weed smoker will probably know most of the tips mentioned below, although, for a first-time smoker, these tips might be extremely beneficial.

Thus your mouth and throat overly dry and you might be left with an unpleasant feeling of coughing all the time. A sore throatfrom smoking weed has got to be the most annoying thing in relation to weed. The feeling of a sore throat from smoking weed might be the downside everyone has to take care of when they need some chill timewith their favourite pressure. The sizzling water vapor is much gentler to your throat and mouth than the new dry smoke and it contains far fewer potential carcinogens and toxins in it. The best part is that the vapor also holds a stronger hit which induces the useful results of the cannabinoids in the weed. If your throat burns after smoking weed, attempt including a bit of lemon juice to your bong water.

Each of us has a different lung capacity, and that also goes for marijuana smokers. If a coughing fit after smoking cannabis is a new thing to you, and you’re searching for ways to stop coughing while smoking, you came to the right place. Coughing is a natural response to smoke inhalation, and you’re more likely to experience it if you smoke cannabis regularly.

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Try your best to fill the water directly into the open section of the bong. In case you fill more water than the standard size it will get splashed while smoking cannabis. Additional research on the health effects of secondhand marijuana smoke is needed.

To minimize coughing after smoking cannabis, you can follow the tips mentioned below. Coughing while smoking cannabis is a short-term effect, although there are other health risks as a result of cannabis consumption. If you cough too much after smoking, your body is telling you it needs rest from the smoke. You can take a break from smoking by getting high on edibles. The break will not only reduce the irritation but also help in the recovery of the damaged mucous membrane on your lungs. Take deeper breaths after taking a hit to fill your lungs with fresh oxygen.

Take Deep Breaths After Taking A Hit

I’ll have to clean it up before experimenting so thats not a factor. But if you want, try adding a carbon filter to your bongs and use hemp wicks. If ice notches or a narrow bong neck prevents you from inserting ice, just soak some cubes in your water before pouring. It’s also worth mentioning that ice water makes just as much, if not more of a difference in cooling your smoke compared to using dry ice-notches. The main benefit of leaving your cubes to soak is that you completely avoid the risk of inhaling ice shards. The natural percolation process combined with icy tempratures is smooth enough to make you forget you inhaled smoke.

Smoke Quality Weed

Also, if the weed wasn’t flushed before harvesting, it could contain remnants of pesticides. Poorly cured weed and the chemicals used in the pesticides make the buds harsher to the lungs hence induce coughs. When using a device for the first time, take the hit with moderation. When you have mastered the device, you can smoke more confidently.

With cannabis use and its social acceptance growing, it’s high time for prohibitionists to stop fighting it and to learn to live with it. And it’s time for us to learn how to reduce the health hazards of smoking pot. I vividly recall reading an article in High Times magazine in 1976 that addressed this very issue. What they revealed was when cold water is used, the lower temperature condenses the THC molecules resulting in less vapor. On the other hand, the article went on to say that using warm to hot water vaporizes THC molecules, thus getting more THC exposure.

The smoke triggers a cough reflex by irritating the airways, and that is why most first-time cannabis users have a coughing fit. If you prefer to have less of the resin from your cannabis enter into your lungs, this method may be more appealing to you. The cooler temperature of the bong and the water causes the resin to collect more inside the bong, minimizing the amount that can reach your lungs. The trade-off here is the less resin that enters into the lungs; the less psychoactive effects are experienced. Using cold water provides a thick, milky smoke that fills your lungs and provides a very strong high. Since 93% of people with coughs have fewer cough symptoms, the easiest way to help your body with this problem is to keep breathing.

Are Charcoal Filters Safe For Smoking

If you do not purchase yours at a state-licensed dispensary whose product is routinely analyzed for contaminants, conduct some crude drug testing at home. Its aroma should be pleasing and should stir your imagination with images of the verdant rainforests of Hawaii, not the petrochemical refineries of New Jersey. So-called vaporizers do not create true vapor, but instead produce smolder, the semi-smoke that lingers from a snuffed out candle.

What Is An Ice Bong?

Besides, the process of bong percolation alone does more than most realize. In fact, smoking out of a maple syrup bottle with a pen downstem and socket bowl piece was one of the smoothest and tastiest inhales I’ve come across. As you can imagine, inhaling daggers of water can be very irritating to the human body, which can contribute to the cause of bronchitis if the irritation is serious enough.

If you feel dry after using glass pipes and bongs, drink a glass of water to relieve dehydration and avoid coughing. Conversely, coughing isn’t a bad thing when your throat is healing from years of smoking. In fact, while 57 percent of people cough while using glass pipes and bongs, 93 percent also report that it is not a long-term problem. In other words, when they finally got used to glass pipes and bongs, the cough naturally stopped. Shop Rite smoke shop is the popular destination where you can buy the best quality small bongs that have been tested by qualified manufacturers.

However, you can keep them in a secure place at home to access on a regular basis. They are a better choice than medium and small bongs because of their smoother and tastier hits which reduce throat/lung irritation as well. Studies link cannabis smoke to lung damage, but not to lung cancer. Preliminary evidence even indicates that cannabinoids can actually prevent or possibly reverse cancer. So among your average of 25,000 daily breaths of clean air, do not worry about cancer from 25 tokes of cannabis smoke. Using ice to cool your bong hits makes smoke sessions feel much easier on the throat and lungs, but these same frosty rips can be even more harmful than just using cold water.

Room Temperature:

10 Tips to Protect Yourself from Unhealthy Air Read our simple and effective tips for protecting you and your family from the dangers of air pollution. The Covid-19 pandemic continues to be catastrophic not only to our health – mental and physical – but also to the stability of millions of people. For all of us independent news how to make cbd vape oil from isolate organizations, it’s no exception. To assure it retains its potency, you must properly store your herbal remedy or recreational therapy. If purchased illicitly, the herb probably came bundled in a plastic zipper-type food storage bag. Such bags are waterproof, but not airproof, else a sweet aroma would not seep out of the bag.

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Any weed that has dust and mildew will result in harsher smoke. When you take a hit and begin coughing, you’re exhaling through the coughs. This prevents the THC from reaching the alveoli that should transport it to the bloodstream.

By doing this you can also set the bong down in case of coughing. Keep your fingers covered around the lighter so they do not obtain shed. Turn the lighter on its side as well as bring the fire to the dish.

You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase our products. Unfortunately, it takes weeks for weed to be properly dried and cured. The demand for weed doesn’t allow for proper drying and curing.


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With no conclusive evidence on bong water temperature impacting one’s high, experience or health there is no need over think it or do more work. Also, I think that using warm water gives you a smoother, more pleasant hit. The longer the smoke is in your throat, the more irritated it will be.

Drink Water

Trust me, you should see your doctor in time to see if you have any other problems besides using glass pipes and bongs. Another way to stop coughing is to continue practicing using glass pipes and bongs and find a method that works for you, which is a comfortable way. It is thought that the more intense a cough the longer it lasts, so finding the right way to use it in time can shorten the coughing process, even from the mouth to the lungs.

The bong comes in certain materials offers different functions as well as benefits to smokers. Whatever bong you select, ensure it suits your budget and lifestyle so that you can have fun with your friends without a hitch. Don’t miss to communicate with our customer support representative if you wish to learn more about any specific type of bong. We welcome clients to share feedback every day through calls and email.

Glass bongs offer the best experience to beginners due to their clean and smooth tasting hits. On the other hand, silicone is durable and provides smooth bong hits with fewer breakage. You can easily make how long for cbd gummies to kick in reddit your mind consider a bong that has features you need. Further, you can add more smoking accessories like rolling papers, hand and water pipes to revive your overall smoking experience like a PRO.

A lifetime of smoking in your traditional manner might be a hard pattern to change. Yet the Number One heath safeguard you can apply to reduce lung damage is to not hold your breath. Make sure your rips are tiny enough that you can always clear the bong super fast with alot of leftover lung power.

The words smolder and smolderizer lack an appealing ring to them, so marketers coined the words vape and vaporizer. Cannabis burns and smokes at temperatures above 460 degrees F , but volatizes and smolders between 266 and 446 degrees F . While manufacturers promote their many vaporizers with much tripe and hype, vaping indeed is widely acknowledged to be less harmful than smoking. It’s always a good idea to purchase a bong that is easy to clean. Room temperature water requires least preparation, no need for chilled or warm water.

With the bong, its like 3-4 medium rips and my throat hurts like hell. Even with our tips above, there is no complete avoidance of inhaling particles of water while ice using ice notches. Smoking cannabis is not as unhealthy as smoking tobacco but it is still very unhealthy. There are many unhealthy and potentially carcinogenic compounds found in cannabis smoke that are absent in cannabis vapor. I plan on smoking medical flower, but I get conflicted sources when I google whether or not bongs protect your lungs better than regular pipe or joints.

When the weed is vacuum sealed for transportation before drying properly, it’s going to have mold. Weed that contains mildew or dust is going to make you cough incessantly. When the buds are well dried and cured, they leave a soothing sensation on the throat— not the sore or ticklish feeling that makes you cough up uncontrollably.

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By using a bong, you can easily cool down smoke in the bong water and inhale it smoothly. However you might cough while using a bong as well, but anyway bong is a healthier choice than smoking. Namely, the primary reason why a sore throat from smoking weed happens is the new air you are inhaling. The scorching dry smoke heats up your mouth and throat to the purpose of irritation. Starting together with your gums to the bronchiolesin your lungs, you’ll be able to feel the influence of weed and whatever toxins are in it when smoking. So, step one so as to stop a sore throat from smoking weed is to quit smoking marijuana.

The last possible reason is that your throat will heal itself after you quit smoking. As the injury in the throat is recovering, the throat becomes more sensitive in the process. This means that when the steam comes into contact with the throat, it causes irritation and therefore a cough. It is flushed before harvesting and is dried and cured the right way to give it a better taste and smoother experience. Even experienced stoners get the beginner cough when they use a new device.

The new math of medicinal marijuana has opened new horizons. Over decades, cultivators hybridized strains with higher levels of THC but unwittingly bred out the cannabidiol and cannabinol . As the CBD and CBN provide relief of many medical ailments, their low potency accounts for mixed results in human trials.

When your throat is healed from a smoking injury, you don’t have to do anything. You just have to let it slowly recover and get the healing throat used to the atomization of glass pipes and bongs. Every stoner has suffered incessant coughs after hitting the joint. You take a hit, and your throat is all hoarse, and your eyes begin to tear as you cough your lungs out.

While no substantial evidence using hot or cold water in your bong is more beneficial to your health, each method produces favorable results. So, your preferred method will ultimately be whichever provides you with the hit you are looking for. Ninety-three percent of people with coughs have fewer symptoms, and as you get used to glass pipes and bongs, cough is no longer a problem. If you still have a cough problem, it may be a more serious health problem, independent of the use of glass pipes and bongs.

So if you are in pursuit of bongs for sale, then our shop will never dissatisfy you. In our new millennium, the latest model vaporizers offer features such as adjustable temperature controls, automatic shutoffs, and battery-operated portability. Water pipes, also called bongs, are used in the belief that the water cools and moistens the otherwise hot and dry smoke. Just hearing their bubbling sound can be reassuring to your ears that you are doing a favor for your lungs.

I can speak from experience when I say that there is a noticeable temperature difference between ripping a bong with vs without ice. Most people will say vaping is safer than smoking, but it depends on what kind of vape you use. Those devices get very hot and anything cheap will give off fumes and chemicals way worse than anything you’d absorb through smoking. Any residual chemicals from the manufacturing process could be vaporized along with your bud if you don’t carefully select high-end vaporizer. Starting along with your gums to the bronchiolesin your lungs, you’ll be able to really feel the impression of weed and no matter toxins are in it when smoking.

As smoke, both can irritate the entire respiratory tract and cause coughing, wheezing, and spitting. As smoke, both can narrow air passages and thereby reduce lung capacity. betru organics cbd pain relief body cream review As smoke, both can cause cellular damage to your lungs, which lowers your resistance to respiratory illnesses such as colds, flu, pneumonia, and bronchitis.

Other weed options embody topicals, tinctures, creams, and basically anything that avoids the physical act of smoking. THC and CBD both inhibit saliva production, inflicting dry mouth (also known as “cottonmouth”). This mixture is what can lead to a sore throat from smoking weed. The effects of marijuana on the throat are different depending on the consumption methods. While some people smoke all the time and never cough, others cough each time they take a hit of weed.

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