Cold storage installation thi cong lap dat kho lanh is a tough job and one of the biggest challenges is the drainage issue. Yes, the drainage of this refrigerant gas system often involves the drainage problem. When the system is operating properly, the refrigerant evaporator of the refrigerator will produce condensate water or the frozen frost of cold air, and this water will be produced when the system is shut down. The condensate water then becomes a source of heat for your home. This process is called the condensation recovery process.Increasing Demand for Industrial Cold Storage | Progressive Grocer

This process is similar to condensation on a window. The water which is formed is cooled by the surrounding air and the moisture evaporates. After this process is completed, there is an accumulation of water at the bottom of the refrigerator where the evaporated water condenses into water. This water condensate water is then collected in the condenser coil. This accumulation of condensate water is the primary reason for the drainage problem associated with cold storage.

If you do not want your cold storage unit to become blocked, you need to make sure that it has good drainage. To begin this procedure, you have to determine the location of the water flow. Measure the area of your refrigerator and find the outlet of the water flow. Find a spot in your house where there is no obstruction, but still enough space to allow the system to pass through. Measure the width and length of this channel. Cut along the line and place the piece of cut wood in the channel. This piece of wood should be attached firmly to the drain pipe.

Now you can begin to install your cold storage system. The cold air will be drawn in the channel and the cold condensate water will evaporate. The water which is collected in the drainage line is then collected at the end of this channel and is transferred to the condenser coil. This process is also referred to as condensation collection. The condensate water collected here is then collected and used for heating. The condensate water must be drained from the condenser coil. so that it can pass through the drain pipe to the end of the channel to be rerouted back to the main house.

It is important for your cold water drainage system to have a very good connection to the main house plumbing system. If you don’t have good connections to the main house plumbing system, you may get some problems. If the connections are not good, you may get problems such as clogging of drains, clogging of faucets and toilets, leaks, or leaking pipes. This will result in problems like damage to your electrical equipment and possibly fire or even damage to your house.

Before making any cold water drainage system, you have to check with the manufacturer of your appliances. You should check all connections between the water piping to make sure that you do not run into any problems during the installation.


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